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Turkish Grinder 4.2'' - Pepper Mill, Spice & Pepper Grinder - Silver

Turkish Grinder 4.2'' - Pepper Mill, Spice & Pepper Grinder - Silver

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Product features

  • Sand Free
  • Quick Dry
  • Takes Less Space
  • Big Size
  • Versatile

Materials and care

  • 100% cotton
  • Made in Turkey
  • Machine wash max 40c

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Turkish Pepper Mill

Best Pepper Grinders 

Handmade, spice grinder (pepper mill, Pepper grinder)

Height : 4.2" - 11cm 
Diameter : 1.4" - 3.5cm.

Main features:

• Grinds spices such as pepper, coriander, cardamom, cumin, mustard, sumac, rice. Not available for the big seeds such as nutmeg or corn and not available for the wet seeds

• Can use with bowl and pour after grinding or use as opened directly to your meal

• Adjust grind size with the screws on top. 

• These grinders are made of Zamak (brass and zinc), which is obtained by amalgamating brass and zinc that makes them very durable


Best Pepper Grinders

Manuel Grinder, healthy way of grinding spices !

Traditional style, pepper mill is both decorative and functional. Vintage design spice grinder with a short handle, detachable ornate holder and sliding pour hole. 

Bazaar Anatolia pepper grinder will be a wonderful addition to display in your kitchen and home decor. Bazaar Anatolia Pepper Grinder made of brass with hand carved design will add a great touch to your table. 

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