Most Durable Turkish Grinders for Sale

Bazaar Anatolia Pepper Grinder is one of the best selling Turkish Grinder in US market. The complete metal structure distinguishes it from other products on the market. We offer alternatives for different budgets. There are two types of Bazaar Anatolia mills. Cast iron (zamak) body with aluminum mechanism and handmade brass body with steel mechanism.

Cast (zamak) pepper mills are more suitable as price. But brass ones are much more durable with handmade body and stainless steel mechanism. It is possible to use brass mills for more than 20 years.

Turkish Hand Grinder will be your best assistant in the kitchen with its high quality sharp mills and durable structure. Although the metal grinder is difficult at first, it will surprise you with its grinding power and speed. When you rotate a single turn, the amount of spices you grind will surprise you.

Compared to ceramic or plastic mills on the market, Bazaar Anatolia pepper mills are very durable and strong. Ceramic mills are blunted or broken within 6 months. Plastic parts that hold the mechanism smell or deform. But our complete metal pepper mills challenge the years. Cast Body Aluminum mechanism ones can be used for more than 3 years. But, brass mills with steel mechanism can be used for more than 10 years. It can be used by your children and even your grandchildren if they are used and maintained well.

Handmade brass mills have been used as Ottoman coffee mills in the past. These mills are still found in the homes of grandparents. Some of the 100-year-old mills are still working with maintenance. Also the older mills are exhibited in museums. Unlike environmentally harmful, short-lived products, you can use Bazaar Anatolia mills for years.

The use of Turkish Spice Grinder is slightly different. Spice is poured from the sliding slot on top and the handle turned clockwise. The ground spice accumulates in the bowl at the bottom. Other mills on markets do not have a reservoir, directly mills to your meal. You cannot measure the amount. Even use of plastic mills can cause broken plastic parts to fall into your food.

Bazaar Anatolia pepper mills has bowls under the mills. Thanks to these bowls, you can see the spice that you grind and use as much as you like. You make the ground spice stay fresh in the bowl. The fact that the gold of the mill is closed ensures that the mechanism is protected from harmful substances, dust and moisture. But if you want to pour the spices directly into your food, our mills are also suitable for this use. Or you can use Bazaar Anatolia wooden grinder which don’t have bowl

We also offer wholesale turkish grinders with reasonable prices. If you contact with us our team will inform you about the details.

Everything you need for grinding Turkish coffee and spices is here.  Bazaar Anatolia offers the premium quality handmade pepper mills for grinding coriander, sumac, cumin, cardamom, rice, spices, and more. Shop right now!