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Why you should switch from terry cloth to Turkish peshtemal towels right now?

Do you need to buy a new set of towels for your vacation? Are you looking for a thoughtful gift for a birthday, beach wedding, or bachelorette party? If yes, try Turkish peshtemal towels for a change! They date back to the Ottoman era but just recently have experienced a major comeback as a trend. And for a good reason!

The benefits that Turkish beach towels have to offer surpass those of the traditional terry cloth towels you are so used to:

  • Lightweight and super absorbent

Does it seem like your bath towels never fully dry between uses? Does your towel take half of the space in your gym bag? Do you need to carry an extra-large beach tote to fit all the family towels? Switch to peshtemal and say good-bye to all these problems at once! Turkish hand-woven towels are made of 100% cotton. They are very light, fold nicely, take twice as less space than terry cloth towels, absorb more, and dry quicker.

  • Durable

Terry cloth towels get rougher and worn out over time. Whereas, peshtemal towels get only better with age. Each new wash releases more starch from the cotton which relaxes the yarn. This means, your peshtemal will get softer and softer after each wash cycle. A Turkish towel can last more than 20 years and not lose in quality.

  • Multi-purpose

Peshtemal towels are cheap and versatile. They can be used as a rug, picnic blanket, couch or bed throw. Adding a peshtemal to your interior design is an instant way to make your home look cozy and welcoming. Unlike terry cloth, Turkish towels are velvety soft to the touch which makes them extra pleasant to wrap around your shoulders on a chilly day.

Retail and wholesale Turkish towels

Bazaar Anatolia is an online store located in Istanbul. We offer hand-woven Turkish peshtemal towels for sale to customers around the world. All of our products are produced by Turkish artisans and are considered cultural treasures of Anatolia. We aim at providing our clients with the highest quality for a reasonable price. If you are interested in buying Turkish towels wholesale in the USA, Europe, or Asia, please contact us to place an order. Our manager will get in touch with you in the shortest time to tell you all about our wholesale prices and discounts.