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Herringbone Kitchen Towel

Peshtemal Thick %100 Cotton Turkish Towel, Kitchen Towel, Tea Towel, Hand Towel

Handmade in Turkey
Peshtemal is multipurpose Thin Turkish Towel. Compact, Highly Absorbent, Lighweight and Versatile. Practical alternative to the towel at home in your kitchen and bathroom. Durable to frequent washing. Knotted Fringes. Unfinished Edges due its nature
- Hand Loomed Authentic Turkish Towel
- 100% Cotton
- 37 x 19 " (100 x 50 cm)
- Tightly Woven
- High Thickness
- Machine Wash max 40°C
- Durable to frequent washing
- After each wash, your peshtemal towel will get softer and more absorbent
- Hand-Woven Looms
- Handmade in Turkey

What is Peshtemal ?

Peshtemal is a Turkish traditional towel used in the Turkish baths and kitchens. It is also used to specify which region people are from and is a part of a deep cultural tradition. In some places, it's called pestamal or pestemal. There are many kinds of peshtamals, with different styles and colors in each local areas in Turkey.
The peshtemal absorbs water as fast as a towel, dries very quickly, takes up less space and easy to carry and is therefore used as an alternative to the towel in bathrooms, kitchens, pools, spas, beaches, sport facilities and for baby care. 
The peshtemal fabric is made of 100% cotton produced in hand-woven looms in Turkey.
These products are highly water absorbent so they're suitable for using in the kitchen, bathroom and beach



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