How to Choose Best Turkish Beach Towel

How to Choose Best Turkish Beach Towel

Now that it's summer time, you'll need a sturdy towel to hold you up for a visit to the beach. Turkish beach towels are an excellent option with their high quality and various uses. You have many Turkish towel options, though, so you need to make careful decisions. This is your go-to guide for choosing a genuine Turkish beach towel that will never be confused with cheap imitations and will always guarantee superior quality.

What makes Turkish beach towels unique?

Turkish Beach Towels aka peshtemals are part of the Turkish culture for centuries. They are differentiate by lightness, fast drying feature and high absorbency. Woven from 100% Turkish cotton, they not only serve their function, but also look glorious with unique designs and lively colors often adorning them.

Important factors

To ensure that you make an informed choice when shopping for Turkish beach towels, take into consideration these important factors:



1. What counts most in the towel
The material is very vital. Genuine Turkish towels are made from 100% Turkish cotton whose long threads make the fabric softer and more resistant to wear. Be on the look out for those cheap duplicates which could be so thin, just flat or blended with polyester that may undermine a towel’s absorption capacity as well as durability.
2. How heavy and how thick a towel is
Weight and thickness are among the points to consider when purchasing a towel. While some cheaper ones might be too thin and flimsy, premium Turkish towels have this balance right. For instance, Bazaar Anatolia Turkish Beach Towels have an ideal weight and thickness giving them a plush but lightweight feel that is good for beach days.
3. The type of weave used and texture should be considered
Think about weave and texture carefully. A good quality Turkish towel will show uniform tight weave that enhances its absorbing water ability. The patterns must be clear with textures being consistent throughout the whole towel alike patterned twin batts tone . Don’t buy towels with loose edges or those which look like they have been woven unevenly because such products are indicative of lackluster craftsmanship
The sizes of Turkish beach towels vary. Consider the purpose of your towel. A bigger one can be laid down on a beach or used as a mat for picnic, while a smaller one could come in handy when traveling or used as a shawl or wrap.
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Finding Fake Imitations

Cheap imitations usually flood the market hence important to know how to identify them. Presented below are some red flags you should be attentive to:

Blend of Fabrics: Towels made from materials blended with polyester and are not 100% cotton may not be very absorbent and durable.

Too Lean: Although lightness is their characteristic feature, Turkish towels should not feel flimsy or like tissue paper. Genuine Turkish towels have weight and plushness.

Irregular Designs: Good Turkish towels boast complicated, sharp designs. Poor quality is signaled by blurry design and one that appears unevenly distributed.
Why Pick Bazaar Anatolia Turkish Beach Towels?
For a variety of reasons, Bazaar Anatolia is the best choice for Turkish beach towels:

Optimum Weight and Thickness: These towels are just the right weight. They feel luxurious without being too heavy or bulky.

High-Quality Material: They are made from 100% Turkish cotton so that they can absorb more water than other materials.

Beautiful Patterns: One will see brightly colored, well crafted designs all through their products.

Conclusion: Make an Informed Choice

Choosing the perfect Turkish beach towel doesn't have to be a daunting task. By using quality materials, appropriate weight and thickness, and beautiful patterns that stay consistent throughout, you can be sure you are buying a towel that will last for many summers to come. Stay away from cheap imitations and consider brands like Bazaar Anatolia known for their quality and craftsmanship commitment.

Are you ready to take your beach experience up a notch? Choose carefully and enjoy ultimate comfort and style with premium Turkish beach towels. Happy days at the beach!
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