Traditional Turkish handicrafts


Turkish Coffee Pot

Turkish Copper Coffee Pot, Handmade Copper

Sizes available XS,S,M,L,XL

Each unique Turkish coffee pot handcrafted by Turkish artisans
* 100% handhammered copper body
* Traditional style copper pot, handmade by copper artisans in Anatolia.
* Tin lined inside for safe cooking Turkish Coffee
* Brass handle to reduce heat conductance and protect your hands
* Complete Turkish coffee pot set with 5 different sizes
                Capatity         Base diameter    
XS    115ml / 3.9oz       6.5cm / 2.6''  (1 Cup)
S      155ml / 5.2oz        7.0cm / 2.8''  (2 Cups)  
M      190ml / 6.4oz       7.7cm / 3.0''  (3 Cups)
L       240ml / 8.1oz       8.4cm / 3.3''  (4 Cups)
XL     315ml / 10.7oz     9.0cm / 3.5''  (5 Cups)
Why copperware?
Surely authenticity is not the only reason. Copperware has been preffered in kitchens by many for its providing safe and healthy cooking. High heat conductivity of copper provides an easy and fast cooking.